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Go Karts

We carry a full line of all-terrain go karts. We stock Hammerhead Offroad go karts, starting with the 50cc version (3.5 hp) featuring full suspension, roll cage, disc brakes, etc. Next in line is the 150cc, and up to the 250cc version. These karts come in one and two seat versions and several different colors. The karts feature rack and pinion steering, disc brakes with braided steel lines, auto transmission with reverse, full roll cage, full seat harnesses, bucket seats, and 4-stroke ATV engines. They also feature aluminum wheels, dual A-arm suspension, trailer hitches, and adjustable seats.  Call for pricing and available sizes, or if you would like any additional information or to see the technical specs and colors on all models

Click here to view the Hammerhead Offroad vehicle showcase.